Cheese turkish cigarette borek (7)(3) 120g
24 lei

Fresh boiled edamame with maldon salt (6) 150g
20 lei

Mix bruschetta (7)(4)(7) 150g
25 lei

Summer platter/eggplant salad, tomatoes, baked bell pepper, chesse (7) 300g
30 lei

Roasted crispy calamari with pepper (2)(11) 150g
28 lei

Hummus 250g
26 lei

A la greque chicken soup (3)(4)(7) 300g
19 lei

Tomato soup (7)(9) 200g
19 lei

Herb marinated turkey breast on skewers (7) 280g
29 lei

Pork chop with bone (7)(9) 300g
27 lei

Chicken snitzel (1)(3)(7) 300g
32 lei

Beef tenderloin 200g
62 lei

Lasagna bolognese 650g
33 lei

Fresh fish: horse / chefal / barbun / zargan / anchovy (7)
37/37/38/38/28 lei

Mussels with white wine sauce (4) 500g
38 lei

Tuna steak skewers with vegetables salsa (4)(11) 250g
38 lei

Glazed salmon teriyaki (4)(7)(11) 230g
38 lei

Fresh fries simple / paprika / garlic and parsley / garlic, parsley and bacon / cheese 200g
10/11/11/11/12 lei

Polenta 200g
9 lei

Mashed potatoes (7) 200g
11 lei

Basmati rice with parmegiani (7)(11)
15 lei

Grilled vegetables 150g
12 lei

Broccoli sote 150g
12 lei

House bread with maia (1) 60g
5 lei

Margherita (1)(7) 510g
25 lei

Quatro formaggi (1)(7) 580g
34 lei

Quatro staggioni (1)(7) 680g
33 lei

Prosciutto cotto e funghi (1)(7) 660g
31 lei

Tonno (1)(4)(7) 690g
31 lei

Diavola (1)(7) 610g
31 lei

Rucola, pomodorini freschi e prosciutto (1)(7) 670g
34 lei

Café Del Mar (1)(7) 690g
34 lei

Flat bread / with mozzarella / with parmigiani 200g
10/12/11/11 lei

Beef Burger with Black Angus, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, pickle cucumber, lettuce, red onion, ranch sauce and french fries (3)(7)(11) 300g
36 lei

Beef Burger with Black Angus, lettuce, Jalapeno pepper, chilli, pickle cucumber, tomato, red onion, ranch sauce and french fries (3)(7)(11) 300g
36 lei

Chicken and Bacon Burger with marinated chicken breast with yogurt and ketchup, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, pickle cucumber, red onion, ranch sauce and frech fries (3)(7)(11) 300g
36 lei

Halloumi Burger with cheese, lettuce, grilled vegetables (tomato, red onion, bell pepper, fresh mushrooms) red pesto sauce and french fries (3)(7)(11) 300g
36 lei

Beef salad with cherry tomatoes and parmesan (7) 250g
44 lei

Greek salad with grilled Halloumi cheese (7) 250g
32 lei

Baked goat cheese with herbs (7) 250g
36 lei

Caesar salad with grilled turkey breast (3)(4)(7) 250g
36 lei

Tuna a la russe salad (3)(4)(11) 250g
38 lei

Fresh fruits platter / watermelon / melon 1000g/1000g/700g
31/27/29 lei

Cheesecake with forest fruits (7) 180g
20 lei

Turkish gullac rice pudding with rose water, pomegrate (7) 200g
22 lei

Moellaux aux chocolate 160g
22 lei

In house apple strudel with vanilla ice-cream (1)(7) 150g
20 lei

Knickerbocker (3)(7) 250g
22 lei

KnickerBocker glory cup cake (home made with marshmallow, mascarpone and forest fruits) for 6 persons (3)(7) 1200g
185 lei

KnickerBocker glory cup cake (home made with marshmallow, mascarpone and forest fruits) for 12 persons (3)(7) 2400g
295 lei

1. Cereals containing gluten, namely wheat, rye, barley, oats, wheat Spelled, durum wheat or their hybrids and products derived therefrom, except:(A) glucose syrups obtained from wheat, including dextrose (1); (B) maltodextrins obtained from wheat (1); (C) glucose syrups Obtained from barley; (D) cereals used in the manufacture of distillates Or ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin. 2. Crustaceans and products derived. 3. Eggs and products thereof. 4. Fish and derived products, Except: (a) fish gelatine used as a carrier for Vitamin or carotenoid preparations; (B) fish gelatine or the ihtiocol used (a) to clarify beer or wine. 5. Peanut and derived products. 6. Soya and derived products, with the exception of: (a) oil and fully refined soy fat (1); (B) natural mixtures of Tocopherols (E306), D-alpha tocopherol, Dalfa tocopherol acetate naturally, D-alpha tocopherol succinate succinate, obtained from soybeans; (C) phytosterols and phytosterol esters derived from vegetable oils, obtained from soybeans; (D) vegetable stanol ester made from sterols vegetable oil obtained from soybeans. 7. Milk and derived products (incl lactose), except: (a) whey used for the manufacture of distillates or ethyl alcohol of the agarose origin; (B) lactitol. 8. Fruits with wood bark, ie: (a) almonds (b) hazelnuts (c) nuts (d) caju nuts Pecan nuts (f) Brazil nuts (g) Pistachios (h) Nuts macadamia (I) Queensland nuts, and (j) derived products, excluding nuts used for making distillates or ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin. 9. Celery and products derived. 10. Mustard and derived products. 11. Seeds of sesame and derived products. 12. Sulfur dioxide and sulfites in more concentrations 10 mg / kg or 10 mg / liter in total SO2 should be calculated in mg / kg according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 13. Lupine and products derived. 14. Molluscs and derived products.